About us

This is our story……………


Dr Balkin and I have been married for almost 26 years and for 20 of those years we have run  Deardengate Dental. Dr Balkin was born and bread in Glasgow,  Scotland and I lived part of my life in South Africa, London and Manchester.

We moved away from the NHS quite early on as we realised that our philosophy wasn’t compatible with what was achievable in those days. We didn’t just want to repair and fix dental problems but provide a nurturing dental environment.

We wanted our patients to feel special and to be able to spend quality time with them, getting to know them and more importantly listening to them.

Estan and I are both perfectionists and are passionate about providing  a great quality service, along with a great dental experience.  We work with dental laboratories both local and far afield such as Fillipini and Gray, and Rossfords, who all  share our philosophy in providing a quality service, using quality products and making sure the results meet your expectations.  We meet on a regular basis to discuss and learn about different techniques so that we are able to pass this on to you.   Working together in this way ensures that our patients are getting the best advice and care.

We regularly attend courses in many areas of dentistry as this allows us to pass our knowledge to our patients and it ensures that we are providing you with the tools to make decisions about your mouth and overall health.

We enjoy talking to our patients and learning about their jobs, family and hobbies and these interactions are what make our practice what it is today, a place that patients can feel comfortable, confident in the treatment we provide and secure in the knowledge that we don’t judge or make you feel small, but that together we work to attaining great oral health.

If this is the kind of dental care you are looking for and you don’t just want to be another patient, let us take care of you and allow us the privilege of treating you!

Deardengate Dental ….where everybody knows your name!!….