Customer service, REALLY!!

by dearden2, on 4th January 2016

customer serviceCustomer service is something that Estan and myself are constantly looking to improve, so we were some what taken back yesterday when we had a trip out to our local DIY store at what seemed to be a very reasonable hour, or so we thought, of 9.00am!

We headed over to the till with our purchases to be met by a very bored assistant, chewing gum quite animatedly, looking around everywhere but at the customers in front of her “US”. There was no acknowledgement of good morning, or can I help you. She just took our products and scanned them through, all this time making no eye contact, no conversation, or interaction of any kind. Just the sound of her chewing gum, you know the sound when you put a fresh piece in, quite elasticated, filled in the silences! She then handed us the receipt and said ” can you fill out a quick questionnaire of your experience today. Well! my face was like REALLY!! Estan had to literally drag me away, whilst I turned to him and said, ” Yes we’re leaving but did she really just ask us to fill out a questionnaire on customer service?!!”” I think not!  I don’t think I have ever seen Estan try and get me out of a shop so quickly!!  Maybe we’re not doing such a bad job after all!!

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