Can I alleviate my fear of the dentist?


Some people are so frightened of the dentist that they avoid dental treatment altogether but today’s dentists are sympathetic and in recognising that some patients experience real anxiety, they have developed new techniques and approaches to help. In fact if you check the Yellow Pages or dental websites you will find dentists who specifically mention treatment for anxious patients.

Modern dentistry is very customer focused and as such, a range of anxiety busting and relaxation techniques have been developed to help anxious patients overcome their fears.

What is hypnosis?

An effective and gentle way to treat the most nervous of patients is with dental hypnosis. This is a natural way to relax anxious and nervous patients without the need for drugs and medications.

How will hypnosis in the surgery affect me?

Under Hypnosis you feel very relaxed and calm but you never lose consciousness at any time and are fully in control. The effects wear off immediately and you are able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery. You do not need a chaperone to look after you immediately afterwards as there are no drugs involved.

Will I ever feel differently about visiting the dentist?

Combining anxiety relief and self hypnosis will lead to you feeling much more comfortable. We have a lot of experience with this at the practice.