How to Register

Once you have attended your New Patient Dental Consultation you will then be in a position to register with us here at Deardengate Dental.

You have three options, and below is a brief summary of each. For a more in-depth explanation of what is included and its prices, please follow the link to the appropriate scheme.

Many patients like to budget for their dental treatment and enjoy not having to pay at every visit. To accommodate this, the Membership Scheme which is currently £18.99 per month is an ideal choice. Patients pay monthly by direct debit to our third party administrators Practice Plan, and are sent dental check up and hygiene appointments every six months automatically.

We are also able to provide a Hygiene Scheme which is currently £28.00 per month. This provides you with the same as the Membership Scheme, but it also allows you two extra visits to see the hygienist a year.

There are however a number of patients who would rather pay for their treatment as they go along. For those patients we have the “Pay as You Go” Scheme. In order to qualify for this scheme, patients pay an annual registration fee which is currently £100. This ensures you are registered with the practice and covered for emergency appointments.

To find out which scheme would suit you follow the links.

Whichever you choose, we would be delighted to welcome you here as a patient at Deardengate Dental.