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The Younger Generation – v – The good old days

by Sharon Balkin, on 16th February 2016

I was talking to our children the other day and tried to explain to them, how lucky they are. Going to the dentist today is so much more pleasant than it was when we were younger. More so because both their parents are in the profession! But as you’ve guessed,

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From the desk of Mrs Hi Jean

by Sharon Balkin, on 8th February 2016

Good morning and welcome to what promises to be quite an exciting mix of videos, blogs and other irrelevant information, that will perhaps be useful one day!! all relating to Oral hygiene and how to take care of your gums.  As you can see I dressed up for the role

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What happened to your retainer?

by Sharon Balkin, on 22nd January 2016

This week has been great fun!! I have been trying to find the words to summarise the looks we got when we asked several of our Orthodontic patients what happened to their retainers? This picture captured it all!!

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Refer a friend, Receive a Great Gift!!

by Sharon Balkin, on 10th January 2016

Enjoy a great gift when recommending a patient to Deardengate Dental. Whether it be a partner, friend, neighbour or work colleague, make sure they give us your name, we would love to thank you!! There are so many great gifts to choose from. Enjoy an afternoon tea of scones, jam

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Customer service, REALLY!!

by dearden2, on 4th January 2016

Customer service is something that Estan and myself are constantly looking to improve, so we were some what taken back yesterday when we had a trip out to our local DIY store at what seemed to be a very reasonable hour, or so we thought, of 9.00am! We headed over

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Check out what’s new for 2016!!

by Sharon Balkin, on 29th December 2015

So here we are again, the end of a crazy year with lots of exciting changes to look forward to! We have just teamed up with an American CRM company (infusionsoft) who have been great to work with, the only downside, they are incredibly cheerful no matter what time of

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False Teeth

by Sharon Balkin, on 24th November 2015

Missing teeth? Finding it hard to eat? Won’t smile in photos, dentures not fitting properly? Implants not an option? There is an easy, affordable and discreet solution!  False Teeth (Dentures) They can provide you with a new set of teeth that are natural looking, can be whiter than your natural

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Tea Bags

by Sharon Balkin, on 19th November 2015

Tea Bags! This is not really a dental issue but I do feel it is just as important as dentistry if not more so!! Over the last few weeks when making tea, our nurses and myself have noticed that one tea bag just doesn’t seem to be enough to make

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“Patient of the Month”

by Sharon Balkin, on 4th November 2015

We couldn’t let October go without mentioning Peter, who joined our practice a little over a year ago! Peter soon became a regular at the practice. He always attends with a smile on his face, but now that smile has transformed into a massive “grin” and he is full of

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Orthodontic retainers, maintaining your smile for a lifetime!

by Sharon Balkin, on 15th July 2015

Orthodontic Braces have definitely become the “must have treatment” of recent years. Its not only the young that are benefiting, we are now experiencing a surge of adult patients who are looking to achieve a great smile. The investment in the treatment for Orthodontic Braces is by no means small,

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