We provide private traditional and cosmetic orthodontic treatments for adults using removable and fixed brace systems.

Removable and fixed braces differ in the movements they can achieve and therefore will not be suitable for everyone.

Removable braces

Removable braces are used in cases such as tipping teeth into alignment.

Fixed Braces

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Fixed braces are used for more complex movements. Movement is achieved through a bracket glued to the teeth and a wire joining the brackets together. The  brackets can be either tooth coloured or metal.  Clinical evidence shows that a combination of metal wire and bracket gives a better result.

Things you need to know

A good level of oral hygiene before and during treatment is required.

Further investigations are usually undertaken before a bespoke treatment plan is created. These include special dental x-rays, clinical photographs and moulds of your teeth.

Whilst having brace treatment you should expect to attend review appointments on a regular basis. This is part of the ongoing treatment and it is essential that you can commit to this before starting treatment.


Which ever brace system you chose, retention is the final stage of your treatment. You will require some form of retention. This will be needed for as long as you wish to maintain your new smile. The cost of retention is separate to the brace treatment. This can be paid for at the end of brace treatment.