® Invisible Braces

What is the® removable brace system?

clear brace® removable brace system is an exciting twist on invisible braces which is aimed at aligning your front four teeth into a great cosmetic smile.
Are you constantly hiding from the camera? Do you cover your mouth when speaking or laughing? Do you lack the confidence to feel great about yourself? Don’t wait until next year, make a commitment to yourself today and start seeing great changes in as little as 8 weeks!

Worried about huge financial commitments, or that your boss won’t let you have time off work?

Does your job require you to deal with the public on a daily basis?

The exciting part about® is you don’t need to enter into lengthy treatment times or make huge financial commitments.® is affordable, with great results achieved starting from as little as 8 weeks. They are very discrete, allowing your braces to become part of your lifestyle.® is not just for those new to orthodontic braces. Have you had previous orthodontics, but found over time your teeth moved position?® is an ideal solution to help you achieve a great smile and regain your confidence.

So what is unique about®? They are discrete, great value for money, limited visits required and overall an investment that makes sense!