Smile Makeover

Do you cover your mouth when talking? Do you hide in the background in family photos? are you embarrassed by your smile? Just like we did for Peter, let us help you gain back your confidence and achieve a great smile.

Peter before treatmentPeter had not been to the dentist for 25 years and was unhappy with his smile.  Using a combination of treatment techniques we allowed Peter to smile with confidence.  This was achieved over a number of months.

Peter after treatment

After stabilising his remaining teeth, the next phase was to provide upper and lower partial dentures (an upper acrylic based to allow for future adjustments and lower chrome based to minimise size) to protect his front teeth and provide stable chewing platforms.

We could then restore Peter’s front teeth using all ceramic crowns which are not only aesthetically excellent but very strong.

Modern dentistry has a solution for many of your mouth imperfections. We can now transform a mouth filled with broken, missing, discoloured or uneven teeth and replace silver fillings with a more natural white finish. Everything is possible; all you have to do is ask.

Studies agree that the smile is usually the most important and best-remembered feature when we meet a new person. A smile makeover doesn’t just transform your mouth, it changes your life!