Tooth Whitening

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Teeth discolour for various reasons. Usually over time, through smoking, coloured foods and drinks. Tea, coffee, blackcurrant juice, red wine and other foods that have strong colours can have an effect on the overall colour of our teeth. Teeth may also darken as a result of some antibiotics. The resultant staining can be removed or reduced using prescribed tooth whitening treatments.

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface or damaging it. Usually the original shade of the tooth is whitened to a lighter colour, rather than being turned completely white.

What does tooth whitening involve?

Treatment time is relatively short, you wont need to spend hours at the dentist. You will need to attend for an initial appointment to assess your suitability for the tooth whitening treatment. It is important to bear in mind that tooth whitening can only lighten your existing tooth colour and only works on natural teeth. Tooth whitening is not effective on dental restorations such as amalgam or composite fillings, metal or porcelain or ceramic crowns and veneers. If you are considering changing any of these it is best practice to do this after the tooth whitening.

Once we have assessed your suitability and you are happy to proceed, impressions will be made of your teeth to create bespoke whitening trays. You will then need to attend for a further visit for approximately 20-30mins during which time we will fit the whitening trays, apply the whitening gel, provide you with home care instructions and demonstrate general use. Follow up appointments will be made as required.

Here at Deardengate Dental we use SDI polanight Whitening System. The active ingredient’ in the whitening product is 16% carbamide peroxide. As the active ingredient is broken down, oxygen gets into the enamel and dentine of the teeth and the tooth colour is made lighter.

How long does home whitening take?

The total length of this treatment can vary depending on how discoloured your teeth are and the shade you want to get to. It can usually be finished within two weeks.

Can a single tooth which has been root-filled be whitened?

In certain instances, if a tooth has been root-treated, the canal can be reopened and the whitening product is applied from the inside to whiten the tooth.

How can I look after my teeth once they have been whitened?

Many people find that their teeth and gums feel cleaner after they have been whitened.
You can help to keep your teeth white by cutting down on the amount of food and drink you have that can stain your teeth. Don’t forget, stopping smoking can also help prevent discolouration and staining.

We recommend the following tips to care for your teeth:
• brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
• cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
• visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.