Orthodontic Retainers


Retention is the final stage of your treatment. You will require some form of retention to help maintain your great smile. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.What types of retention are there?

A. There are two basic types of retention, Removable and Fixed.

clear Removable Retainer

clear Removable Retainer






Q. What is a Removable retainer.

A. Removable retainers are made from clear medical grade plastic and are tailor-made for you. They fit comfortably over your teeth.

Q. When do I wear a retainer?

A. They are usually worn over night and taken out during the day.

Q. how long will I need to keep using a retainer?

A. We recommend using a retainer permanently.

Q. How often do I need to replace it?

A. We recommend yearly reviews and this is included in our monthly payment scheme.

Q. Can it be seen

A. Removable retainers are almost invisible, because of this they can often get lost or thrown away by accident. Always keep it in the box provided.

Q. What is a Fixed retainer.

A fixed retainer is a small orthodontic wire that is glued to the back of your teeth and is not removable by you.

Fixed retainer

Fixed retainer







Q. Can I eat normally with a fixed retainer ?

A. Fixed retainers are still an orthodontic appliance very much like fixed braces. You will therefore still have to be sensible when making food choices.  You should stay clear of hard toffees, candies, chewing gum etc.

Q. Is it easy to keep the area around a Fixed retainer clean?

A. Yes, your hygienist or dentist can show you ways of keeping this area clean.

Q. What happens if the wire breaks?

If the wire breaks we you should contact your Dentist or Orthodontist as soon as possible.  If left, your teeth will start to move.

Q. Is there a price difference between the different retainers?

A.  Yes Fixed retainers tend to be more expensive

Q. Can anyone have fixed retainers?

A. No not everyone is clinically suitable for fixed retainers and this is something that should be discussed with you.

Q. What if I am not able to pay all at once, do you offer any kind of monthly payment plans?

A. Yes we are able to offer a monthly payment plan for the Removable retainers.  Please contact us for more details.

Q. Do I have to go to the original Orthodontist that put my braces on for retention or can I go to another provider?

A. You don’t have to return to the Orthodontist that provided your treatment, we offer a retainer service for anyone who has had Orthodontic treatment.  You don’t have to be a member of our practice.

Q. Do I have to leave my dentist to come to you.

A. No, quite the opposite. We recommend you remain with your dentist and encourage you to continue with your own dentist for regular appointments as usual while we provide Orthodontic treatment.

Q. If I loose my retainer, will my teeth move?

A. Yes at some point they will want to start moving back to their original position and ideally you should contact your Orthodontist at your earliest opportunity.  You have invested time and money in treatment, it would be a shame to have to start all over again.

Q.  How long can I expect my retainer to last for?

A.  We recommend reviewing all types of retention on a yearly basis.

Q. If I grind my teeth at night would this cause the brace to wear down?

A. Yes this is likely to happen but if you are aware that you grind your teeth, let us know and we can look into using a different material or appliance.

These are just some of the questions we have been asked by  patients.  If you have a question that has not been addressed please feel free to post it on facebook, or call us on 01706 211538.